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HT: 5'1
WT: 99lbs
Season record (1-1) 
Ranked 8th

HT: 5'6
WT: 135lbs
Season record (2-0) 
Ranked 4th

Tia Ling is one of the smallest wrestlers on the roster. Tia Ling is also one of the strongest wrestlers on the roster.  Tia Ling is one of the best conditioned, tough, scrappy wrestlers we have on the roster.  Only 5'1 and 99lbs, this little smoking hot spitfire is no pushover.  When you wrestle with her, you're in for a battle. That's what I said last week, and after this match I couldn't mean it more.
Vendetta is the bad girl of Ultimate Surrender, she truly enjoys beating up bitches.  But what she hates more then anything on this planet is losing.  This Former Summer Vengenace Champinon is looking to make history as being the first person ever to win two titles.  
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The Training of Tara Lynn Foxx Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.
Season Eight Match

The Wrangler 
HT: 5'5
WT: 127lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-0)

The Cyclone 
HT: 5'10
WT: 150lbs
Season record (0-2) 
Lifetime record (0-2)

Cheyenne is a veteran of wrestling, but a rookie on the Ultimate Surrender mat.  Ultimate Surrender has a style and unique set of rules she has not yet mastered, however, she is learning and learning fast. She will be ranked in the top ten easily after this match.    
Cece is one of this seasons toughest, new rookies. She never gives up, never stops fighting even when greatly outmatched.  I wish I had ten like her.  Cece is strong, fit, tan, sexy and loves the sport.
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Next on to some team building activities with heavy labor. It takes a bit for them to get it right, but with time they do a decent job. They are then tested on their ability to please a woman, and orgasm control. One is dismissed and sent on her way.
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The British tabloids have dogged her since she turned 16 while the rest of the world waited until she turned 18 in order to photograph and publish her pictures. Now the cameras are with tender and fresh Linsey Dawn McKenzie on the morning of her 18th birthday. She parties with oil and silly string in a can. She bathes and showers. She shakes and gyrates in erotic dancing. The video includes behind the scenes footage of Linsey being body painted for the cover of the collector's edition, December 1996 SCORE magazine, which was Linsey's North American introduction. Her supple skin makes a unique canvas of flesh in the design of a mock tuxedo.
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      Duration: 00:30 Season Eight Match

The Hazer
HT: 5'7
WT: 125 lbs
Season record (1-1) 
Lifetime record (1-3)

The Conqueror 
HT: 5'6
WT: 130lbs
Season record (0-1) 
Lifetime record (0-1)

Allie Haze got a taste for winning her last match, and never wants to give that up.  She loves dominating and fucking helpless losers on the mat.  For someone who looks so cute and innocent, this one sure has a mean streak.
Chloe Camilla is back, this sexy blonde has one match under her belt.  Chloe is a little spitfire who doesn't like losing, and gives 100% every second on the mat.
Chloe suffers another win and is not happy about it.  Allie is pleased to death and shows Chloe what a brutal fucking can feel like.  Allie dominated during the wrestling and downright humiliates the loser in Round Four.  Chloe will not soon forget this loss.  Revenge can be a bitch and Chloe hopes she gets the chance.
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